Welcome Home – the importance of an appealing front door

Welcome Home – the importance of an appealing front door

You see it several times a day as you come and go from your daily routine – it’s your front door – but do you really see it? How does it look? Your curb appeal includes the front door and maintaining the inviting appearance says more than you may imagine.

DoorWood Bargers1001Your real estate professional visits hundreds of homes a year and can immediately determine the strength or challenge of each aspect of the property. It’s a quirky habit but a REALTOR® automatically goes into punch-list-mode as soon as entering the neighborhood. The general evaluation begins by the surroundings, gradually narrowing the focus as they approach the property – the visual curb appeal and then walking to the front door. Is the front door an indication of the owner’s proper maintenance of the home? More than DoorFiberSteel Bargers1002an inviting entry is the condition of the door – the homeowner must be aware of the condition of the door-sill, threshold, door hardware, paint or stain, door-jamb and kick-plate. Will the front door do justice to the beautiful interior and pictures seen online?

Whether you are in the market of buying or selling your home take the time this month to step back and truly look at your front door. A DIY weekend either staining your wood door or painting your fiberglass/steel (difference between fiberglass and steel door) door will not only give you added pride in your home’s appearance but can add marketing value to the home.

It’s the little things!!!  All the best – Kenneth Bargers