Welcome Home – the importance of an appealing front door

Welcome Home – the importance of an appealing front door

You see it several times a day as you come and go from your daily routine – it’s your front door – but do you really see it? How does it look? Your curb appeal includes the front door and maintaining the inviting appearance says more than you may imagine.

DoorWood Bargers1001Your real estate professional visits hundreds of homes a year and can immediately determine the strength or challenge of each aspect of the property. It’s a quirky habit but a REALTOR® automatically goes into punch-list-mode as soon as entering the neighborhood. The general evaluation begins by the surroundings, gradually narrowing the focus as they approach the property – the visual curb appeal and then walking to the front door. Is the front door an indication of the owner’s proper maintenance of the home? More than DoorFiberSteel Bargers1002an inviting entry is the condition of the door – the homeowner must be aware of the condition of the door-sill, threshold, door hardware, paint or stain, door-jamb and kick-plate. Will the front door do justice to the beautiful interior and pictures seen online?

Whether you are in the market of buying or selling your home take the time this month to step back and truly look at your front door. A DIY weekend either staining your wood door or painting your fiberglass/steel (difference between fiberglass and steel door) door will not only give you added pride in your home’s appearance but can add marketing value to the home.

It’s the little things!!!  All the best – Kenneth Bargers


Front Door Ideas highlight July 2017 newsletter

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Don’t Overlook the Trees, Buyers Aren’t

Don’t Overlook the Trees, Buyers Aren’t
Article by Daily Real Estate News | April 28, 2015

Treed-Home-LotThe number of trees on a lot can be a powerful influencer for home buyers. 18 percent of repeat buyers and 25 percent of buyers purchasing a new home said that being on a wooded lot or on a lot with many trees was very important to them, according to National Association of REALTORS®’ home buyer and seller surveys.

Home buyers in the South and in rural areas stressed the importance of having trees on their property. Twenty percent of home buyers in the South and 30 percent in rural areas thought that having a wooded lot or many trees was very important.

If buyers can’t live with a wooded lot, they certainly at least want one nearby. Twenty-three percent of recent buyers surveyed felt that convenience to parks or recreational facilities was an influencing factor for their neighborhood choice.

Living close to parks and recreational facilities was the most important to recent buyers aged 34 and younger as well as recent buyers aged 35 to 49.

Home buyers may not only want trees for beauty but also for savings. At least three trees strategically placed on a lot can save an average household between $100 and $250 in annual energy bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

A study in 2007 by the Arbor National Mortgage found that 84 percent of practitioners believe that a house on a wooded lot would fetch at least 20 percent more than a home on a lot without trees.

Source: “National Arbor Day: Trees and the Home Purchase,” National Association of REALTORS® Economists’ Outlook blog (April 24, 2015); REALTOR®


It’s All About Curb Appeal for Spring!

It’s All About Curb Appeal for Spring!

May2014EblastImageThis time of year you can drive through any neighborhood and find homeowners working in the yard.  Whether planting, pruning, painting or enhancing the home with a new addition; homeowners are adding their creative and personal touch!

May 2014, In the News, newsletter features It’s All About Curb Appeal for Spring with several articles authored by HouseLogic and the National Association of REALTORS®.  Also included are HGTV videos focusing on curb appeal in the spring.


As always, thank you for your continued support, feedback and referrals. Wishing each of you a productive month of May!

All the best – Kenneth

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Prepping Tennessee Lawns and Azaleas for Spring!


Azalea-Main-ImageMarch is a terrific time to focus on the maintenance and care of our lawns and Azaleas. Perfect World Landscapes, LLC has kindly provided the following articles to this month’s In The News.

1. Get out the lawn mowers in March to start your Turf Management for the year. Middle Tennessee Lawn Care Tips provides the four basic aspects of Turf Management.

2. Many of our properties have Azaleas but we can become frustrated with the proper growth and care of the plant. Spring Time! Growing Azaleas in Middle Tennessee… focuses on the proper planting, growth and maintenance of this Tennessee beauty.


Enjoy your March (Madness)! – Kenneth Bargers

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Home Landscaping Design!

Landscape WebSuccess in home landscape design is certainly attainable for do-it-yourselfers, but there are some pitfalls that should be avoided if maximum satisfaction is to be achieved. Thus the need for this list of 10 mistakes to be avoided in home landscape design. The mistakes covered range from miscalculations that have practical ramifications to more subtle errors that negatively impact your enjoyment of your home landscape design.

  1. Piecemeal Planting: Failure to Have a Plan
  2. Having a Lawn Just Because “Everyone Else Does It”
  3. Insufficient Fall Color in Your Home Landscape Design
  4. Lack of Winter Interest in Your Home Landscape Design
  5. Failure to Irrigate
  6. Planting on a Hillside Prone to Erosion
  7. Failure to Work With What You Have
  8. Failure to Incorporate Deer-Resistant Plants in Your Home Landscape Design
  9. You Never Get Anything Done in the Yard Because Tools Are Never Handy
  10. Forgetting Functionality in Home Landscape Design

Source:  about.com, landscaping