August – It’s Football Time in Tennessee!

August – It’s Football Time in Tennessee!

It’s Football Time in Tennessee! Are you ready? Do you have the fever yet?

August2018 Football Image 1The traditions and passions run deep in the South when it comes to football and the state of Tennessee has produced some of the most successful and memorable champions, athletes and coaches throughout the years. August – a time for high school jamborees, college practices, NFL preseason games – all gearing up for the launch of a new football season at the end of the month.

Good luck to the Titans, Governors, Bulldogs, Blue Raiders, Volunteers, Tigers, Golden Eagles and Commodores on the upcoming season. Here’s hoping each team exceeds their goals for this year’s football campaign!   view 2018 Middle Tennessee area Pro/College football schedules

University of the South: Sewanee 1899 Football Team

August2018 Football Image 3The Iron Men of 1899
One of Tennessee’s most impressive football campaigns was produced by the University of the South’s 1899 football squad which many consider one of the greatest football teams of all time!

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Sewanee Tigers were a football powerhouse that would welcome all comers in gridiron play. 

Coming off an undefeated 1898 season the 1899 team expected to have success but had some obstacles that would challenge the upcoming campaign. The small school depended heavily on gate receipts to support the football program but a couple of disputes with competition about the distribution of receipts, including Vanderbilt, required a scheduling adjustment and creative idea to acquire revenue. With a strong national reputation, the small school decided to schedule five away games in six days to build interest in attendance and support.

The 13 players on the squad (seven returning players), The Iron Men of 1899 took on this challenge and became one of the greatest teams in the history of football. The 1899 Sewanee Tigers were undefeated with a 12-0 record outscoring the opponents 322-10. The victories were against Georgia (12-0), Georgia Tech (32-0), Tennessee (46-0), Southwestern Presbyterian (54-0), Texas (12-0), Texas A&M (10-0), Tulane (23-0), LSU (34-0), Ole Miss (12-0), Cumberland (71-0), Auburn (11-10), North Carolina (5-0).

The next time you travel over Monteagle Mountain remember the majestic Sewanee University of the South and the Tigers as one of the great historic football programs.

August2018 Football Image 5John Ward (1930-June 20, 2018)  – “Voice of the Vols”

The legendary Voice of the Vols, John Ward, past away earlier this year. He was the eyes and ears for generations of the Big Orange Nation.

Article Tribute: Chris Lowe, ESPN; ‘Tennessee honors late radio announcer: ‘John Ward was UT’
Video Tribute: Kenny Chesney; Touchdown Tennessee

August2018 Football Image 4Tailgate Recipe

Jello Shots Anyone?
Tennessee Titans Jell-O Shots




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