Your home is your castle!

Your home is your castle!

Sep2016Eblast(September 5, 2016)  We all take great pride in our homes and add enhancements and updates to accommodate our style, everyday living and comfort. When a homeowner proceeds with an investment in an update, addition or style preference, consideration should be evaluated on the expectations of the return on investment, added value; if any and the importance of the ROI weighted by the homeowner.

If you decide at some point to place your home on the market- will your investment add value, be favorable to neighborhood comps to list and achieve a satisfactory purchase price, attract numerous house hunters or narrow the appeal due to less popular taste-specific style and trends? Always keep these questions in mind when adding Your Value to your castle!

What is popular today may be yesterday’s – 1970’s tri-color (orange, green, brown) shag carpet – 1980’s it’s all about the shiny brass – 1990’s mirrored walls – 2000’s taupe, taupe and more taupe. This month’s newsletter includes several video tips for upgrades, enhancements, value analysis and unique construction applications. All the best – Kenneth   VIEW NEWSLETTER

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