The 5 Hottest Single-Family Markets Are…

The 5 Hottest Single-Family Markets Are…
Article by Daily Real Estate News | April 16, 2015

Nashville-Home-StairsNashville is a Hot Market!!!

The national housing market is regaining steam after a slowdown in late 2013 and early 2014 and a handful of areas are seeing a surge in home prices and sales growth. highlights the “hottest” major single-family markets based on current and expected future housing measures. Of the 49 largest U.S. markets, the five emerging at the top of the rankings have shown consistently strong demand, home price appreciation, and economic and demographic growth. Three of the top five ranking markets are located within the Southwest region, and two are located in the Southeast.

“The five top rated markets display strongly rising home prices, favorable affordability, strong housing demand and excellent economic and demographic conditions for future demand,” according to’s report.

The top five single-family housing markets, which reflect a strong, healthy single-family market likely for the next few years, are:

1  Denver, Colorado
Home price growth year-over-year: 9.2%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 4.6%

2  San Antonio, Texas
Home price growth year-over-year: 4.3%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 5.5%

3  Nashville, Tennessee
Home price growth year-over-year: 6.2%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 4%

4  Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Home price growth year-over-year: 7.8%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 2.3%

5  Dallas, Texas
Home price growth year-over-year: 7.3%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 5.5%

View the full report to see a list of where your metro ranks.

Source: “Top Single-Family Housing Markets: Spring 2015,” (April 2015); REALTOR® Magazine Online, Daily Real Estate News 041615



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