Backyard Water Fountains Add Relaxing Style!

Backyard Water Fountains Add Relaxing Style!

June2014EblastImageWe love our backyards!  Tennesseans enjoy the outdoors of Middle Tennessee year round and take advantage of relaxing and entertaining during the summer months with family and friends.  Backyard water fountains are a great way to add interest to your backyard design.  Like fire, water has a mesmerizing effect on us.  Listening to the sound of water gently splashing in a fountain can put you in a relaxed mood quickly.

This month’s In The News features informative tips from Mike Faulkenberry of Backyard-Design-Ideas with his article contribution Backyard Water Fountains Add Relaxing Style to Any Backyard Design.  Also included is a DIY instructional video from Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger.


As always, thank you for your continued feedback, support and referrals.  Wishing each of you an enjoyable month of June!

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