Steel Homes a Real Steal

Contributed by Nashville Home Inspection
April 2014 monthly e-blast, April 5, 2014

SteelHomeImagesWhile it isn’t run-of-the-(steel)-mill yet, homes made of steel offer some unique advantages in pride, substantially and durability. Companies that offer steel home kits say these homes are unsurpassed when it comes to creating open floorplans, with no interior support walls, allowing buyers to control the flow of the home; and straight, flat walls and square corners.

Other advantages for home owners including the fact that steel framing is non-toxic, allergy-free and recyclable. Steel material is flexible and wall thickness can be easily varied, depending on the specifications of architects and designers. In addition, thermal and acoustic materials adhere smoothly to steel surfaces.

Unlike timber, steel house frames do not undergo shrinkage, rotting or warping. Because roof and walls are installed in true plumb lines, there are not warped or cracked drywall panels or sagging roof lines. Steel homes typically look as good after decades as they did the day of closing.

Depending on climate and geographical conditions, steel is truly the go-to material. In areas of the country where insect infestations are common, steel construction materials will eliminate the possibility of termite or carpenter ant damage. In areas prone to high winds, hurricanes, or earthquakes, steel buildings can provide and advantage, because they can withstand higher winds as well as strong seismic activity. Additionally, steel does not mold or burn.

Because of steel’s weight-bearing ability and structural integrity, steel frames can include beams which stretch over greater distance. This opens up the opportunity for creating large, open areas within the home.

Once a home design is approved, a steel building can go up fast. This is due to the fact that a steel home is constructed of panels and trusses that are prefabricated in a factory and then delivered to a building site. The home is assembled on location, and can be move-in ready in as little as two months.

Steel homes offer a number of financial benefits. Homeowner’s insurance is generally lower because of the durability of the metal. On the other hand, a home made out of wood can burn to the ground in a short amount of time. Another benefit of a home made of steel is that it is safer and sturdier.

Currently, there are many sizes and designs for steel homes on the market. Smaller home plans are available starting at around 600 square feet.

Other benefits of a steel home include the fact that if the home is demolished or damaged, it can be recycled and used again with no loss of material or durability. Another benefit of steel is there is no waste when a steel home is built. Since construction pieces are prefabricated at the factory, there is no extra material ordered, only to be discarded.

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