No Southern Hospitality from Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn

No Southern Hospitality from Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn
a response to Congressman Blackburn’s Press Release; 012514

Welcome President Obama to the Greater Nashville Area and the State of Tennessee!  We are honored to have you visit one of the most productive MSA’s in the United States.

See Congressman Blackburn, this is how you should welcome the President of the United States with southern graciousness. You have been focused far too long in the arena of your Washington DC politics that you need to brush up on your southern charm skills. A simple Welcome to Tennessee would have been much better received by Tennesseans rather than pulling out your political punching bag of tricks. I would think your political advisors would do a better job on your behalf since this press release focuses on the President’s Nashville visit, which as you know is not your base of support.


Each year the Greater Nashville area earns numerous top-tier national rankings for our strengths in business investment, quality of living, education, entrepreneurship, entertainment and diversity of population. The recognition of our communities’ existing features and future potential provides an impressive list. 2014 Rankings  2013 Rankings  2012 Rankings

These recognitions and rankings are achieved due to the hard work of our business leaders, local government leaders and chambers, community leaders and charitable organizations relentlessly serving the citizens of the Greater Nashville Area each day.

Congressman Marsha Blackburn’s statement:

“Welcome to Tennessee. While you’re here take a look around because this is what a thriving economy looks like. Despite what your teleprompter may tell you, our success is not a result of your failed policies. It’s rooted in what’s always made our state and country great- hard work, ingenuity and fiscal responsibility.

“We have the lowest debt ratio in the entire country, have been ranked the top state for Automotive Manufacturing Strength for an unprecedented fourth consecutive year, are continually ranked as the number one state in the country for retirement and are largely considered one of the best states in which to practice medicine.

“Furthermore, in just a few short months hard working Tennesseans will be able to keep a little more of their income because of a fight I led while serving in the State Senate that prevented a state income tax. I knew then what I still know to be true today. When given the opportunity, free people will always be more successful at achieving and securing their own economic freedom than the government.

“All in all these are just a few of the many reasons why Tennessee is consistently ranked as one of the freest states in the country.

“However, we didn’t get here overnight. More than a decade ago we dealt with the failed experiment of TennCare, which was the precursor to Obamacare. TennCare tried to bankrupt our state just like how Obamacare promises to do the same for the rest of the country.

“Instead of letting the program ruin our economy, we banded together, made tough decisions and survived TennCare similar to how we will eventually survive Obamacare.

“The Tennessee Volunteer spirit is strong. It has taught us over time that we can weather any storm and fight our way back towards a path to prosperity.

“So enjoy your time in Tennessee and for the sake of the rest of the country, try to take a little bit of the Tennessee Volunteer spirit with you back to the White House.”


Author: Kenneth Bargers

REALTOR®, Tennis Player, Titans, Vols & Preds Fan, Nashvillian... let's connect on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. -- contact Kenneth at

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