Essential Tools Needed to Paint a Room

Article by: Tom Miller

Whether it’s your first time painting a room or your third time, there are a few basic tools every painter needs to get the job done right. The last thing you want are globs of paint stuck to your carpet or to be stuck scraping up paint drops off your hardwood floors. Make sure to grab these few items before beginning the painting process to make it a stress free job.

Tape becomes especially important for protecting painted trim and helps you achieve a professional look with clean lines. A popular choice is 2-inch blue painter’s tape. Tape baseboards carefully to protect them from paint splatter and to create a nice clean line between the walls and trim.

Drop Cloth
Use a cheap drop cloth for covering all furniture and floors to keep them paint free. You can choose from a cloth material or a plastic material that can be found at any local paint store. A cheaper route to go is using old, unwanted bed sheets and towels or trash bags.

Paint Tray
Paint trays are important when using rollers. It allows an easy spot for paint to be collected in the roller brush. One paint tray with a few liners should be enough to paint a couple of rooms.

Paint Roller
Paint rollers are necessary for high to reach spots on the walls and for ceilings. Paint rollers also manage to be more time efficient at covering more space than a hand brush.

A ladder is important when it comes to painting high spots. For instance, a ladder comes in handy when painting the corner where the ceiling and wall meet.

Small Brushes
Small brushes are important when painting corners and the space right near the baseboards. These help you create smooth, clean lines.

Damp Rag
Keeping a damp rag around comes in handy for quickly cleaning up small messes that will occur along the way.

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