Williamson County Ranks 3rd Nationally for Future Job Growth

Tennessee’s Williamson County ranks third in the nation when it comes to job growth. 

According to Washington research firm Woods and Poole Economics Inc., Williamson County is expected to see growth of more than 3% in employment through 2040 compared the rest of the country which will see just over a 1% growth. 

“I think the fact there are 3,000 counties in America, the fact that we are number three speaks volumes for the leadership in Williamson County,” Matt Largen, Williamson County Economic Development Director, told Nashville’s News 2. 

He continued, “In today’s world, you want to have two things to have a successful economy, innovators and decision makers, and Williamson County has both of those and both of those kinds of people have built this economy over the last decade.” 

The county’s proximity to Nashville is an added bonus and so is its access to Interstate 65. 

The quality of life issue also factors in, according to Largen. 

“There’s the school system, great place to raise your family, great amenities, high end retail, corporate housing, all different sorts of housing, so I think all those things play a part in the puzzle that is Williamson County,” he said. 

According to the research, Williamson County will add more than 170,000 jobs over the next 30 years, a figure that is promising to both residents and businesses alike. 

Teresa Ofman opened LuLu, a home decor and gift boutique, in downtown Franklin two years and choosing a location was never a question. 

“The downtown location is the best.  Lots of tourists, tons of tourists,” Ofman told Nashville’s News 2.  “I have lived in Williamson County for 25 years.  I love it.  I shop here.  I live here.  I raised my son here.” 

Ofman believes Williamson County is appealing for many reasons. 

“We are very family oriented,” she said.  “There [are] a lot of local events all through the year for families and children.  I feel very safe here.  It’s just small town living.” 

County leaders believe most of the job growth will be in the healthcare and information technology fields. 

They also expect to see more corporate headquarters relocating to Williamson County and more people opening small businesses in the future. 

Ahead of Williamson County on the list are Loudoun County in Virginia and Douglas County in Colorado.


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Source: 013111, WKRN, Woods and Poole Economics Inc. (www.woodsandpoole.com); blog distribution provided by Kenneth Bargers and Bargers Solutions residential real estate services located in Nashville, Tennessee

Author: Kenneth Bargers

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